The ticket prices you see for a specific performance will vary depending on:

  • the time of day and day of the week of the performance
  • the location of the seats in the theatre (see price reserves below)
  • your age and/or concession status
  • demand

We reserve the right to alter prices without notice. Changes are made in accordance with Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice.

To view the latest prices for the performance you are interested in, visit the relevant production page, click on the date you wish to attend and the seats you are interested in purchasing, and pricing variations will appear.


We believe theatre is for everyone. We provide tickets at a range of price points and offer discounts for target groups, in line with our Pledge.

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Price Reserves

We determine price reserves for each seat in the theatre uniquely for each production, based on the set design, venue and positions of the actors, props and set.

The below is a guide only to give you an indication of what the different view in each price reserve may be. Not all productions will have all zones and some may have other zones not listed below.

  • Premium: Full and unobstructed view of all elements of the production.
  • A Reserve: Full view of the stage and all key elements of the production which are essential to the plot.
  • B Reserve: Full view of the front centre of the stage which is where the majority of the production is performed.
  • C Reserve: The angle and/or set may obstruct view of some elements of the show which are not essential to the plot. Detail and facial expressions may be impeded.
  • Restricted View: The view of the stage is obstructed and this may include elements essential to the plot.
  • Front $50s: Comparable to B Reserve and positioned at the front of the venue near the stage, these seats offer an up-close view of the front centre of the stage, where the majority of the production is performed. These seats are sold at a discounted rate to allow more people the opportunity to attend the theatre.

Front $50s

Front $50s may be available to purchase on some productions. Positioned at the front of the venue to offer an up-close view of the production, Front $50s are comparable to B Reserve seating or above.

This discounted rate is available to allow more people the opportunity to attend the theatre. No proof of eligibility is required, but total seats available across a production will be capped.

Front $50s are subject to availability and may not be available for all performances. Front $50s are not available in conjunction with any other offer, or as part of a subscription booking.

Front $50s are only available for exchange subject to capacity within the Front $50s section for that production, as well as subject to our standard terms and conditions for Ticket Exchanges.

Standing Room

Standing Room tickets are available from time to time for performances at Southbank Theatre. If available, this option will be available when booking tickets.

The Standing Room section in The Sumner is a space against the back wall of the auditorium with an angled, cushioned bench like standing room on a tram. A limited number of spaces are available and are generally only available for performances where no other seats are available.

When purchasing a Standing Room ticket you acknowledge that you will be required to stand for the duration of the performance and are not permitted to occupy the seated section, even if a seat becomes available.

Booking Fee

A booking fee of up to $7.95 per order applies for online bookings and $8.95 for phone bookings.

A booking fee does not apply for in-person bookings at Southbank Theatre.

Terms and Conditions

All tickets sold or issued by Melbourne Theatre Company are subject to our terms and conditions and Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice.