The MTC Foundation provides a mechanism to receive, consolidate and distribute all donations to the Company.

The MTC Foundation is overseen by a Board of dedicated and supportive leaders and is chaired by businesswoman Jane Hansen. The Foundation Board ensures that Donor provided funds are being appropriately managed, invested and utilised by MTC. This governance and oversight ensures exact fulfilment of Donors’ intentions.

The MTC Foundation was established in 2015 and was officially launched in February 2016 with the announcement of a $1 million donation from The Little Foundation, to establish the MTC General Endowment Fund (GEF).

An endowment fund is vital to ensuring continuity, constancy and permanence and is a source of lasting support for the company – building a bridge from the present to the future.

The MTC Foundation will ensure MTC remains an iconic Melbourne institution – commissioning and development new works in our state-of-the-art venue, Southbank Theatre, located in the heart of the newest world class arts precinct. Each donation to the GEF will be invested and provide annual income for MTC – resulting in an ongoing gift that continues to support the Company in perpetuity.

A donation to the Foundation is a gift for Melbourne’s future and demonstrates a Donors’ vision and leadership in building the future of Arts in Australia.

To find out more about the Foundation or to make a donation please contact Annual Giving Manger, Chris Walters on 03 8688 0938 or