Transforming Young Lives Through Theatre.

Theatre entertains, challenges and provokes possibility and, for our young people, can result in greater creativity, imagination and exploration of life through art – skills that are vital in a rapidly changing world.

MTC Education seeks to create free, or affordable, meaningful access to theatre for all young people regardless of cultural, financial or geographical circumstances. Time and again, we receive feedback that our award-winning programs have had a profound and lasting impact on the lives of the students who have been able to take part. Right now we have an opportunity to use the arts to help inspire and empower young Australians.

Despite the impact of the COVID crisis on arts and education in Victoria, MTC Education has continued to find imaginative and innovative ways to support Victorian students and young people in their learning and development, and to provide inspiring and nurturing theatre experiences remotely. This has included innovative learning activities enhancing the theatre experience and an ever-expanding suite of digital content and virtual workshops which make MTC Education a world-leading program. 

In response to demand from schools and requests from the Department of Education, we are constantly working to produce more online resources and create further opportunities for remote engagement. As a result, we are now reaching more and more varied and isolated communities - including communities that have been severely impacted over the last few years by the pandemic.

We are thrilled to once again have school groups in the theatre, while we also continue our focus on maintaining and expanding programs that will have the ability to work both in-person and digitally.

Meanwhile, our aspirations for MTC Education remain the same:

  • Provide all students with access to the very best professional theatre and arts education, irrespective of financial, social or geographic disadvantage

  • Encourage the development of creative thinking, confidence, team-work and empathy in the classroom, not just for the next generation of theatre makers, but for the benefit of all young people

  • Support schools and teachers across the state in delivering engaging, real-world, exciting arts education that speaks both directly to curriculum, and to further study or employment.

More so than ever, it is vital that MTC can use its education programs to reach the next generation of artists, creative thinkers and community leaders. Only through donor support will we be able to innovatively reimagine our existing programs and create new initiatives in response to the evolving needs of students, teachers and young people, and your support of these activities is of the utmost value.  

For more information contact the Philanthropy team on 03 8688 0954 or email

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