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The Perfect 70s Party

Etiquette with Karen from Finance

A guide to 1970s Party Etiquette with Karen from Finance, Melbourne’s premier queen of ‘corporate’.

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By Karen from Finance

In the lead up to our rambunctious revival of the 1970s classic, Abigail’s Party, we asked some lifestyle experts to help us put together the Perfect 70s Party Guide. To begin, Melbourne’s premier queen of ‘corporate’, Karen from Finance, offers her tips on appropriate etiquette for any 1970s social outing.

When attending a function, whether it be a birthday celebration, an engagement party, or even a corporate event with your husband or the ladies from the typing pool – it is essential to use any function as a tool to help you move forth up the corporate and social ladders. Doing so can be a painfully unnerving process, and so – from one woman to another, here are my top tips to keeping it groovy at your next soiree.

The Do's and dont's

1. Dress Code

The statement that you make with the clothes that you wear sets a precedent for how people will perceive you from the get go. Wearing articles that are either too showy, too revealing or too outgoing may suggest that those same elements apply to your personality, which could be detrimental to your social prospects. Instead, opt for something a little more cumbersome and understated that suggests that you might be dull – that way, it will in turn oppose your vibrant personality and the guests will find you a lot more exciting than you actually are.

2. Never arrive early

Counter to the work place, arriving early at a party can be a fry. Arriving 5-15 minutes past the hour shows that whilst you are not tardi, you are also not too eager. It is usually only the most bogus acquaintances that turn up on time or drastically late, so arriving somewhere in the middle is sure to be an attractive notion to your host.

3. Never Out-do Your Host, Just The Other Guests

Always bring a plate of nibbles. Find out what the host will be making ahead of time, and prepare a plate that will compliment their dish. Whilst tasting those nibbles supplied by other guests, acknowledge loudly your distaste for their offerings whilst praising those of your host. Where viable, comment on the greyness of the boiled eggs and the sliminess of the pickled onions – even if they are looking fresh and scrumptious.


Published on 13 March 2018

The Perfect 70s Party