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Later this month, MTC Connect Ambassador Marco Romero will direct a reading of Sean McIntyre’s Kids, as part of NEON Festival of Independent Theatre’s NEON EXTRA program. Ahead of the reading, we spoke to Marco about

What sector of the arts industry interests you most?

Film and theatre.

When did you become involved in the arts?

In 1997 when I became involved in theatre performance.

MTC CONNECT was created to celebrate the diverse backgrounds of Melbourne’s theatre artists. Can you tell us more about your background?

I was born in Chile and came to Australia when I was 12. I studied theatre in Chile and filmmaking in Spain and returned to Melbourne four years ago.

What inspires you as a theatre artist?

Exploring past theatrical conceptions and combining them to create new works.

If you could change one thing about Australian theatre, what would it be?

Increasing awareness and engagement of the general public.

What is one of your favourite past theatrical experiences?

Independent theatre from Chile and Argentina.

What interests you most about the MTC CONNECT program?

Collaborating with the diverse theatre makers involved.

What are some of the things you would like the MTC CONNECT program to work towards?

Establishing a strong presence within the theatre community, with a continuous production of plays.

Published on 30 June 2015

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