Featured Faces: Colin & Geoff (Props)

Meet Colin and Geoff in our Props department.

It’s been 60 years since Melbourne Theatre Company started as the Union Repertory Theatre Company. As part of our celebrations, we are kicking off our ‘Featured Faces’ series in which you can meet some of the people involved with MTC on a daily basis.

First up are Colin and Geoff from our props department. Colin has worked with MTC since 1975 and Geoff has been with the Company for 30 years. You may have seen them featured on the blog in the past when we’ve covered their work, ranging from matchstick houses, fake sausages or dismembered hands. Plus each time you see an MTC show you will see their handiwork live on stage.

What was your first performing arts experience?

Colin: I first worked on The Double Dealer in 1975.

Geoff: I worked on On Our Selection in 1982.

Can you briefly describe a day in your role at MTC?

Colin: I make props required for the plays, and maintain and repair current props in the theatre during a show’s run. I’ll also set up rehearsal rooms for new plays.

Geoff: As well as maintaining props used in current shows, I work on new plays in the rehearsal rooms and bump shows in and out of the theatre.

What is one of your favourite MTC productions?

Colin: The One Day of the Year (1986)

Geoff: The Three Musketeers (1987), directed by Simon Phillips.

Published on 28 August 2013

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