Show artwork for Props Store Treasure Hunt
Props Store at MTC HQ. Photo by Tim Grey.

MTC HQ Virtual Tour

Props Store Treasure Hunt

Explore MTC HQ in our virtual tour, and find these props hiding in the Small Props Store.

By Nick Tranter

Explore MTC HQ in our virtual tour, find these props from past MTC shows hiding in the Small Props Store, then scroll down to see them on stage.


Burnt baked dinner

Made from scraps of rubber, stuck to wire gauze and painted to look burnt, this hemisphere-shaped prop sat in a baking dish and concealed a smoke machine that completed the illusion of burnt baked dinner in Neil Simon's comedy, The Odd Couple.

Shaun_Micallef_and_Francis_Greenslade._Photo_by_Jeff_Busby..jpgShaun Micallef and Francis Greenslade in The Odd Couple (2016). Photo by Jeff Busby.


Robin retrieves this tricycle from a radioactive area after a nuclear disaster in Lucy Kirkwood's The Children. Almost everything on stage passes through Scenic Art so that it looks right in the world of the play.

MTC_THE_CHILDREN_photo_Jeff_Busby_1147.jpgWilliam Zappa and Sarah Pierse in The Children (2018). Photo by Jeff Busby.


This globe opens up to reveal sweets hidden inside! It sits atop Billie Dawn's desk as she's tutored by her bookish love interest, Paul Verrall, in Garson Kanin's Born Yesterday.

MTC_BORN_YESTERDAY_photo_Jeff_Busby_1324.jpgJoel Jackson and Christie Whelan Browne in Born Yesterday (2017). Photo by Jeff Busby.


This prop cow is Milky White in the musical Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine. The cow is made from polystyrene and is incredibly light!

Into_the_Woods._Photo_by_Jeff_Busby..jpgAnthony Weigh and Geraldene Morrow in Into the Woods (1998). Photo by Jeff Busby.


Many items of furniture in the Small Props Store have been re-upholstered and re-painted numerous times for different productions. This footstool appeared in Stephen Sewell's Arbus & West, which imagined how the meeting between Mae West and Diane Arbus went down in West's Hollywood home.

MTC_ARBUS_WEST_photo_Jeff_Busby_1231.jpgDiana Glenn and Jennifer Vuletic in Arbus & West (2019). Photo by Jeff Busby.

Published on 14 September 2019

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