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Welcome to wardrobe

Behind the 80 plus costumes that grace the Playhouse stage in Shakespeare in Love, an enormous amount of work has gone on behind the scenes at MTC HQ.

MTC's wardrobe department have been working around the clock for months in the lead up to Shakespeare in Love's arrival at the Playhouse. A sartorial army of over 30 staff members — including milliners, wig makers, shoemakers, buyers, art finishers, cutters, pattern-makers, sewers, ruff makers and hand finishers — have combined their talents to bring the visions of Costume Designer Gabriela Tylesova and Director Simon Phillips to life. For Tylesova, Phillips and MTC’s production team, it’s a scale that is unprecedented and excites and incites nerves of equal measure. Explore backstage at MTC HQ where the Wardrobe Department have pulled this amazing feat of artistry and craftsmanship together.

Photos by Tim Grey. 

Published on 19 July 2019

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