Melbourne Theatre Company Social Media Terms of Use

We value the passion of the theatre community and the role of discussion and debate in the development of art. However we ask all users who wish to post on our social media channels to please ensure that their comments are respectful of other users, the theatre community, Melbourne Theatre Company and the artists it works with, and the law.

Please note that Melbourne Theatre Company reserves the right to remove posts containing offensive or crude language, or any comments which are defamatory or could be considered harassment of others and/or their work or beliefs. We may also remove repeated posting of the same content across multiple posts (spam), where the content of those posts exists elsewhere and/or is deemed inappropriate or unnecessary.

Users who find their posts have been removed should consider this as a warning. Further comments in the same tone which are subsequently published by the same user may result in that user being banned from participating on our page.

Thank you for your support in keeping our social media pages a friendly place to visit.