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Sound Design Resources


Explore digital classroom resources to teach Composition & Sound Design.

From this page you can revisit some key concepts about sound design, and explore interviews with composer/sound designers to use in your classroom.

4 types of sound design

1. Sound effects

Doors opening, footsteps, phones ringing ... anything that makes a sound. Usually recorded or created through foley.

2. Scene transitions

Often musical but can also be comprised of accented effects (e.g. car horns honking on a busy street). This is used to change energy from scene to scene.

3. Underscoring (music)

Music that helps accentuate the (often emotional) journey of the characters.

4. Underscoring (ambience)

A combination of effects and underscoring - it could be creepy humming sounds, like a cold room, or percussive elements that sound like crinkling leaves.

Adapted from Clemence Williams' composition/sound design workshop in the Teacher as Artist Digital PD Week.


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Published on 30 November 2020

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