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10 years of behind the scenes

MTC Technical & Production Director Adam Howe tells about the magic that happens behind the scenes

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‘We are all united… bringing all our skills, our passion and interest to create the vision of a show.’

Adam Howe

This year marks 10 years of Melbourne Theatre Company in Southbank. To celebrate, we asked members of MTC’s community to reflect on the most recent chapter of the Company’s exciting history and what Melbourne’s home of theatre means to them. MTC's Technical & Production Director Adam Howe tells us about the magic that happens behind the scenes.

Having been interested in theatre from a very young age, I’m quite amazed that I’ve been able to turn a passion that I had as a teenager into the career I now have at one of Australia’s flagship theatre companies.

I oversee all of the production departments that look after putting on a show. That includes set and props construction, scenic art, wardrobe, millinery, wigs, stage management, lighting, sound, AV and automation. We have a wide range of staff members from different walks of life, but ultimately we are all united and come together with all our skills and passion to realise the vision of a show.

There are two layers to what MTC does. One is experienced by the audience member walking into the theatre and being completely transported by the story unfolding on stage, but it’s important to keep in mind that there’s a second story. Behind the scenes, over a period of six months or more, there have been thousands upon thousands of decisions made about the most minute detail of what ends up in the final production.

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Published on 18 April 2019

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