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The Joy of Giving

Meet Margaret Sahhar AM and her daughter, Edwina – two of three generations to support Melbourne Theatre Company.

Read Margaret and Edwina's MTC story below.

Edwin and Nan Peatt, Margaret’s parents, supported MTC from its first days as the Union Theatre Repertory Company back in 1953 and have a seat dedicated to their memory in the Sumner. Their MTC legacy continues through Margaret and Edwina, who have both attended MTC plays from a young age and have become Subscribers and Donors themselves.

‘The impact of live theatre reinforced my love of the arts and literature – I went on to study English Literature at the University of Melbourne,’ Margaret said.

‘I enjoy the sheer excellence and diversity of the plays. Not every play is my favourite but I always leave the theatre feeling stimulated and involved.’

Some of the most memorable performances for Margaret include Queen Lear (2012), Private Lives (2014), Ladies in Black (2016), Twelfth Night (2018) and Home, I’m Darling (2020).

‘MTC has been such a positive part of my life for so many years so I was drawn to donating,’ Margaret said.

Edwina also supports MTC through philanthropy and explained, ‘When I realised how much I got out of going to a season of MTC plays – the different emotions, diversity of ideas and perspectives – I felt compelled to give back.’

‘One of my early treasures, which I still have, is an MTC programme for Cinderella from 1980 which had Jane Scali, Noel Ferrier and Frederick Parslow in it. My parents took me to this when I was about four years old. I think this is the first MTC production that I went to.’

For both Margaret and Edwina, there is a unique pleasure in giving to MTC. ‘I definitely feel joy from giving to MTC. But what I get back is so much more – the experience of sitting in a theatre and waiting to see where a play is going to take you and how you feel at the end, followed by the discussions afterwards with friends,’ Edwina said.

Margaret explained, ‘there is definitely a sense of joy – joy in supporting such an impressive theatre company and pride in being a small part of it. Joy in enabling the growth of the company which reaches out to so many people young and old. Joy in being a part of a group that is committed to promoting excellence and growth and diversity of opinions through the chosen plays. Pride that my home state continues to maintain such a first-rate theatre company that continues to grow.’

Margaret and Edwina’s continued relationship with MTC, originating with the late Edwin and Nan, demonstrates how the power of theatre and the shared experience of live storytelling transcends time and the joy of giving can be shared across generations.


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‘I have no doubt that people will come to recognise the value and importance of live performance after time in isolation.’ — MTC Donor

‘MTC is such a fabulous company which has really enriched our lives over many years.’ — MTC Donor

‘MTC means the world to all of us who love live theatre.’ — MTC Donor


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Published on 3 May 2021

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