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A special place for Victorians

Donor Derek Young AM reflects on 10 years in Southbank and why he's inspired to give

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‘MTC belongs to Victoria and Victorians.’

Derek Young AM

This year marks 10 years of Melbourne Theatre Company in Southbank. To celebrate, we asked members of MTC’s community to reflect on the most recent chapter of the Company’s exciting history and what Melbourne’s home of theatre means to them. Donor and former Chair of the MTC Board, Derek Young AM, says that the Company is a special place for Victorians.

MTC is a very special organisation. It’s both small enough to be a family and large enough to be a state wide institution. It belongs to Victoria and Victorians, and they’re very supportive and protective of it.

Melbourne’s a great place to make and see theatre because we have an unbelievably talented group of creatives throughout Victoria, and we have a very knowledgeable audience who, if you make a good production, will come and support it and tell their friends about it. Melbourne audiences really reward good productions.

What inspires my continuing support of MTC is its never-ending professionalism and the quality of what they produce. When you see MTC on its best nights it is sublime; to be able to help everyone it takes to produce those productions – that’s what inspires me.


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Published on 18 April 2019

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