NEON Residency: Rawcus

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It is a rare opportunity for Rawcus to begin a new work with all the collaborators in the room, yet the NEON Residency provides the company with a platform to do just that.

Following the premiere of Rawcus’ new work Catalogue at Dance Massive 2015, Rawcus will spend one week in residency as part of NEON to explore ideas, further develop skills, seek fresh approaches and surprising provocations, and begin to build the foundations of their next full-scale work.

While in residence, Rawcus will host a free masterclass and open their rehearsals to observers as part of the NEON EXTRA program for theatre makers, offering a unique insight into their process.

Rawcus Artistic Director Kate Sulan, Associate Artists Emily Barrie, Richard Vabre and Jethro Woodward, the Rawcus Ensemble and specialists provided by Melbourne Theatre Company, such as Voice and Dialect Coach Leith McPherson, will join together in this residency to create space for the unexpected to flourish.

Open Rehearsals

Wednesday 22 July & Friday 24 July
10am – 1pm
Southbank Theatre, The Lawler

Every rehearsal room is different, every process is different. Ever wondered how other rooms might differ from yours, or how Rawcus go about creating a new work? Now is your chance to see. Over two days, Rawcus will invite interested theatre makers into their room to observe them at work.


Open to theatre makers, performers and anyone with an interest in inclusive theatre making, this masterclass is an opportunity to meet and work with Rawcus. The masterclass will provide an insight into Rawcus’ creative process in the form of a practical workshop. Participants will work on the floor with members of the Rawcus Ensemble, Artistic Director Kate Sulan and Rawcus Artistic Associates, Emily Barrie, Richard Vabre and Jethro Woodward, and engage in some of the creative tasks used to develop Rawcus’ latest work, Catalogue.

How to participate in Rawcus Activity

Spaces are limited for these sessions and participation is by expression of interest only.

To be considered for the masterclass or to observe the open rehearsals, please email by 5pm Monday 25 May 2015 with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • The session you would like to participate in
  • A short bio or a couple of sentences about yourself
  • Why you would like to participate and what you hope to gain from the selected session
  • Let us know if you have any access needs

Please note that while MTC NEON will be your contact, Rawcus will be responsible for the final selection of participants.