NEON UP LATE: Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise

6 June 2014

Event Passed

A year after Hurricane Katrina does her dirty dance over New Orleans, blues-sick army vet Zachary Bowen flings himself from the roof of the city’s Omni Hotel. In his pocket, police find a note begging them to go to his apartment. There they find the corpse of his lover, Addie Hall, dismembered and cooked, her head in a pot on the stove.

Only maybe the story happens in Far North Queensland last year. Or maybe it happens in the recently flooded Holy Land to a Palestinian father. Either way the waters are rising and Zachary, or someone just like him, lives near you with his wife/partner/a woman he’s having for dinner/a woman he’s having for dinner.

Directed by Kat Henry
MKA Director in Residence

Sheridan Harbridge
Dan Fredericksen
Kevin Keirnan-Molloy
Deidre Rubenstein