By Their Own Hands

13 June — 23 June 2013

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Two performers stand before you and tell all. A man is blinded. A woman loses her brother. A man becomes a woman, who becomes a man. A city falls into civil war. A corpse lies unburied. The earth opens up.They have seen it. They have acted as messengers. They are on the margins. Scribbled in the margins. Unable to intervene.

Through contemporary dialogue and raw narration, By Their Own Hands is a stark opus on ancient Greek myths and contemporary humanity. The audience is taken on a journey through an epic yet utterly recognisable world, seen through the eyes of people on the sidelines.

Now, as then, these stories are real.

Created and performed by THE HAYLOFT PROJECT, By Their Own Hands is a new direction from the company that brought you The Nest, The Seizure, Yuri Wells, Thyestes, Delectable Shelter and 3xSisters.

‘THE HAYLOFT PROJECT is a shining light in Melbourne theatre.’ – Herald Sun

Since its foundation in 2007, THE HAYLOFT PROJECT has garnered critical acclaim, Green Room Awards, a Sydney Theatre Award, Melbourne Fringe Awards and sell-out seasons in Melbourne and Sydney. Led by current Artistic Director, Anne-Louise Sarks, the aim of THE HAYLOFT PROJECT is to create intelligent, passionate theatre that lives long in the memory. Their works include Spring Awakening, Platonov, 3xSisters, The Only Child,B.C., Yuri Wells, The Suicide, Delectable Shelter, Thyestes, The Nest and The Seizure.

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Artwork for Carl Nilsson-Polias

Carl Nilsson-Polias

Artwork for Bek Berger

Bek Berger

Artwork for Benedict Hardie and Anne-Louise Sarks

Benedict Hardie and Anne-Louise Sarks