One Man, Two Guvnors

17 May — 29 June 2013

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The original West End production of one of the most successful comedies ever staged by Britain’s illustrious National Theatre tours to Melbourne, directed by Nicholas Hytner.

Francis Henshall is hungry. He desperately needs a job after being sacked from his skiffle band. And if two jobs come his way, why shouldn’t he take both? So Francis becomes the minder of Roscoe Crabbe, a vicious London bovver boy, but he’s also running errands around Brighton for a chinless wonder going by the name of Stanley Stubbers. Two guvnors, two pay days, two meal tickets. And as long as they don’t meet each other – it’s money for jam, times two!

Richard Bean’s multi-award-winning play is a glorious celebration of the best of British comedy – a unique laugh-out-loud mix of satire, songs, slapstick and sparkling one-liners.

Artwork for Owain Arthur

Owain Arthur

Artwork for Edward Bennett

Edward Bennett

Artwork for Amy Booth-Steel

Amy Booth-Steel

Artwork for Sabrina Carter

Sabrina Carter

Artwork for Nick Cavaliere

Nick Cavaliere

Artwork for Alicia Davies

Alicia Davies

Artwork for Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Artwork for Joshua Lacey

Joshua Lacey

Artwork for Colin Mace

Colin Mace

Artwork for Mark Monero

Mark Monero

Artwork for Alan Pearson

Alan Pearson

Artwork for Kellie Shirley

Kellie Shirley

Artwork for Seun Shote

Seun Shote

Artwork for Russell Wilcox

Russell Wilcox

Artwork for Leon Williams

Leon Williams

Artwork for Matthew Woodyatt

Matthew Woodyatt

Artwork for Rosie Wyatt

Rosie Wyatt

Artwork for Richie Hart (The Craze)

Richie Hart (The Craze)

Artwork for Philip Murray Warson (The Craze)

Philip Murray Warson (The Craze)

Artwork for Oliver Seymour Marsh (The Craze)

Oliver Seymour Marsh (The Craze)

Artwork for Billy Stookes (The Craze)

Billy Stookes (The Craze)

Artwork for Nicholas Hytner

Nicholas Hytner

Artwork for Cal McCrystal

Cal McCrystal

Artwork for Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Artwork for Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson

Artwork for Grant Olding

Grant Olding

Artwork for Paul Arditti

Paul Arditti

Artwork for  Adam Penford

Adam Penford

Artwork for Kate Waters

Kate Waters