The Golden Dragon

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In the cramped kitchen of The Golden Dragon, a tooth is wrenched from the mouth of a young illegal immigrant. As the tooth flies through the air and lands in a bowl of Thai soup, the drama in the kitchen comes to the boil. Amidst the hunt for the lost incisor and the calls of food orders, the stories of the local residents bubble to the surface of this innovative play.

In acclaimed German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig’s The Golden Dragon, men are played by women, women by men, young characters by old actors and old characters by young actors. The results are poetic, brutal, mysterious and touching.

Warning: Contains adult themes and strong language

Production images: Melissa Cowan

Artwork for Rodney Afif

Rodney Afif

Ash Flanders

Ash Flanders

Artwork for Jan Friedl

Jan Friedl

Artwork for Dana Miltins

Dana Miltins

Artwork for Roger Oakley

Roger Oakley

Artwork for Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke