The Cybec Readings: The Curtain

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In Ada Munroe’s boarding house, Leon and Francis eke out their long days and nights. For them the world has stopped, nothing moves forward, yet as Limbo’s go, Ada’s place is a pretty comfortable one. But when Ada falls down drunk one night, the blow she receives to her head wakes something up in her. A possible future shines like light through the crack of the heavy curtains, but if she steps through, what will happen to Leon and Francis?

The Cybec Readings are designed to road-test new plays to aid and enrich their progress. The readings also give audiences the chance to see fresh new works in their infancy and play a part in their development. This reading is one of three new plays to feature in this year’s Cybec Readings which will take place over three nights at Southbank Theatre, The Lawler from 27 to 29 September 2012.

The Curtain is an MTC commission. The Cybec Readings are proudly supported by The Cybec Foundation.

Pictured: Daniel Keene

Artwork for Paul English

Paul English

Helen Morse

Helen Morse

Artwork for Matt Scholten

Matt Scholten