Top Girls

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Marlene is out to celebrate her big promotion at work. And she’s earned it. It’s a just reward for years of dedicated service and hard work at the Top Girls Employment Agency. Nobody knows better than Marlene that today’s career woman has to be tough as nails to compete in the masculine corporate world. And if she’s had to make sacrifices along the way, then they’ve all been worth it.

Dancing through history, Caryl Churchill’s timeless masterpiece Top Girls asks all the difficult questions about women, career and corporate culture. Jenny Kemp returns to MTC directing a stellar all-female cast featuring Nikki Shiels and Anita Hegh.

Key Photography by Marcel Aucar, Production Photography by Jeff Busby. Season Launch video by Josh Burns, Behind-the-Scenes video by Adam Bostock.

These images contain a portion of the work Birmingham Office 836 by photographer Hugh Neal. This work appears in the production under license and with permission.

Artwork for Li-Leng Au

Li-Leng Au

Artwork for Anita Hegh

Anita Hegh

Artwork for Margaret Mills

Margaret Mills

Eryn Jean Norvill

Eryn Jean Norvill

Artwork for Sarah Ogden

Sarah Ogden

Artwork for Nikki Shiels

Nikki Shiels

Maria Theodorakis

Maria Theodorakis

Artwork for Jenny Kemp

Jenny Kemp

Artwork for Elizabeth Drake

Elizabeth Drake

Artwork for Peta Coy

Peta Coy