Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

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For sixteen summers, Roo and Barney have spent their long layoff from the cane-cutting season down in Melbourne having a high old time with two Carlton barmaids, Olive and Nancy. But back for their seventeenth summer, it seems time has finally caught up with them.

This ground-breaking piece of Australian drama premiered at MTC in 1955. In 2012 it will return home, with Neil Armfield’s stunning new production, featuring a stellar cast including MTC favourites Alison Whyte and Robyn Nevin.

Warning: this production contains the use of herbal cigarettes. Thinking of bringing young people to the theatre? View our Parents’ Guide for information about suitability.

Key Photography by Marcel Aucar, Production Photography by Jeff Busby.

Artwork for Steve Le Marquand

Steve Le Marquand

Artwork for Travis McMahon

Travis McMahon

Artwork for TJ Power

TJ Power

Artwork for Helen Thomson

Helen Thomson

Alison Whyte

Alison Whyte

Artwork for Eloise Winestock

Eloise Winestock

Artwork for Neil Armfield

Neil Armfield

Artwork for Ralph Myers

Ralph Myers

Artwork for Damien Cooper

Damien Cooper

Artwork for Alan John

Alan John

Paul Charlier

Paul Charlier

Artwork for Susanna Dowling

Susanna Dowling