Australia Day

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World Premiere

Australia Day: a day off work, an excuse to fire up the barbie and, most importantly, a celebration of our national identity whatever that is.

For the members of the Australia Day Committee in the country town of Coriole, the issue of cultural identity is prickly to say the least. With an ambitious Liberal Mayor, a Greens Councillor, an Australian-born Vietnamese school teacher and a member of the CWA, rolling out the celebrations promises to be as complex and controversial as carbon pricing.

Drawing on his own experiences as an Australia Day Ambassador, the Wharf Revue Jonathan Biggins takes aim at our national day with fearless wit and good Aussie humour.

Warning: Contains strong language. Thinking of bringing young people to the theatre? View our Parents’ Guide for information about suitability.

Production photography by Jeff Busby, key photography by Earl Carter, Season Launch video by Josh Burns.

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