The Dream Life of Butterflies

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Two middle-aged women talk in a room. One is recently returned. One has always been there. Between them sits their past. The Dream Life of Butterflies is a beautiful dissertation on the illusion of memory and the impossibility of retrieving what has been lost.

In a seamless single scene, award-winning writer Raimondo Cortese exposes their delusions about themselves and each other, hinting at the terrible taboo at the heart of their relationship.

Developed with the support of The Cybec Foundation. Key photography by Marcel Aucar. Production photography by Paul Dunn.

Natasha Herbert

Natasha Herbert

Artwork for Margaret Mills

Margaret Mills

Artwork for Anastasia Russell-Head

Anastasia Russell-Head

Artwork for Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson

Artwork for Heather Bolton

Heather Bolton

Artwork for Jenny Hector

Jenny Hector