The Joy of Text

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World Premiere

Literary theory may seem harmless, but mix it with the impish personality of Danny, a precocious high school student, and the result is not deconstruction but sheer devastation. When a certain controversial book falls into his hands, it’s time to create his own provocative meta-narrative. As his actions send the school into chaos, he learns that, although the author is dead and meaning lacks foundation, the real world has no time for irony.

Set against a backdrop of staffroom politics, The Joy of Text is a bitingly intelligent comedy on the nature of satire, the subjectivity of truth and the knife edge of student-teacher relations.

Commissioned and developed with the support of The Joan and Peter Clemenger Trust and The Cybec Foundation.
Key Photography by Earl Carter. Production Photography by Jeff Busby. Teaser video by Sunny Leunig.

Nurturing new writers is one of the most important jobs theatre companies do, so when promise ripens into achievement, as in the case of Robert Reid with this switched-on, intelligent social comedy, the heart gladdens. When The Joy of Text appeared as part of The Cybec Readings last year (incidentally, an inexpressible debt of gratitude is owed to those modern Medicis, the Joan and Peter Clemenger Trust and The Cybec Foundation in developing new local work), the energetic voice matched by adept and sassy plotting appealed to the crowd. Many badgered me afterwards to schedule it in the main season, which is my pleasure to do. With Associate Aidan Fennessy in the director’s chair and the lovely Louise Siversen already on board, Robert’s mainstage debut looks set to be a winner.

Artistic Director Simon Phillips

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James Bell

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Louise Siversen

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