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Australian Premiere

Eminent art historian Kristin Miller has had a firebrand life. Radicalised early, she took to the streets of Paris in ’68 and just kept storming through the years, not losing a degree of her leftist fervour. Characteristically, she holds back nothing in her best-selling autobiography – except the inconvenient fact that she has two children. On her birthday the sons arrive for dinner armed with their own versions of her story.

Revised editions. Up and coming British writer Alexi Kaye Campbell has taken the conventional family reunion play in both hands and given it a vigorous shake.

Key photography by Marcel Aucar and Earl Carter. Production photography by Jeff Busby.

‘On the surface Marius von Mayenburg’s cautionary tale offers a number of take home lessons. It’s a satirical horse laugh at our beauty-obsessed culture and our belief that science can fix anything. But the main thing you’ll take home, I’m sure, is a reinforced belief that theatre is the place for funny, oddly-slanted perspectives on the human condition. The new Lawler Studio has finally given us the opportunity to offer you a tasty little side-dish such as this, in which Peter Evans will direct two of our brightest younger stars Patrick Brammall and Alison Bell.’

Simon Phillips, Artistic Director

Artwork for Alison Bell

Alison Bell

Artwork for Patrick Brammall

Patrick Brammall

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Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan

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