The Ugly One

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Lette was thwacked by the ugly stick and no one had the heart to tell him. When his boss passes him over for a job and his wife finally gives it to him straight, he books an appointment with a plastic surgeon. After a nip here and a tuck there, he suddenly looks a million dollars. But a million dollars can look pretty cheap if everyone in town starts looking the same.

An operation with complications. In Marius von Mayenburg’s funny little masterpiece, Frankenstein’s monster is a handsome devil but as confused about things as ever.

Key Photography: Earl Carter, Production Photography: Jeff Busby

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Please note we have a strict no latecomer policy for this performance. Ticket holders will not be admitted after the production has commenced.

Artwork for Patrick Brammall

Patrick Brammall

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Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan

Artwork for Peter Evans

Peter Evans