The Grenade

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When you are a major advisor and lobbyist like Busby McTavish of course you step on a few toes. Even so, whose toe would be so sore as to provoke them to place a live grenade in the middle of his living room? Is it a warning? Or someone’s stupid idea of a practical joke? Or maybe the threat comes from within, from among his troubled family. Sounds paranoid? Sure – but even paranoids have enemies.

Time to take cover. From Tony McNamara, the writer of The Give and Take and The Recruit, comes another wild-swinging satire on the way we live now.

Key Photography: Marcel Aucar, Production Photography: Jeff Busby

‘It was a joy to read this free-wheeling farce from Tony McNamara. His comic voice is the boldest and most devil-may-care of all our contemporary playwrights. Here he targets those pushers and pimps of the political world, the special interest lobbyists. The swipes are broad but they land hard, the laughs come fast but they’re sure fire, the satire stretches the point but only so it snaps back with comic elasticity. Playing it paranoid is a walk in the park for National Living Treasure Garry McDonald, who’ll be enriched by the fabulous Genevieve Picot, the brilliant Belinda Bromilow and wrangled by our resident McNamara expert Peter Evans.’

Simon Phillips, Artistic Director

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