Life Without Me

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If you don’t know who you are and you don’t know where you’re headed, you might find yourself spiralling in ever-tightening circles until you come to rest in a nondescript part of town in a crummy two-star hotel, where the service is churlish, the lift doesn’t work, the toast is burnt and the pot plants set off your allergies. But keep your expectations low, really low, and, who knows? – you might be pleasantly surprised by how everything works out.

A hotel with reservations. Award-winning playwright Daniel Keene’s debut play for MTC is an eccentric fable about taking up residence and trying to move on.

Key Photography: Earl Carter. Production Photography: Jeff Busby

‘For years, in his series of short, sharp masterpieces, Daniel Keene has given a poetic voice to the marginalised and neglected. This play has a more expansive story for a larger stage, but he hasn’t abandoned society’s lost souls in his long overdue MTC debut. With warmth, sympathy and humour, Life Without Me creates a genteel purgatory out of a small rundown hotel. From this beautiful and philosophical script, Peter Evans will direct a cast which includes four of our finest character actors: Robert Menzies, Greg Stone, Kerry Walker and Brian Lipson.’

Simon Phillips, Artistic Director

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Kristina Brew

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