Dead Man's Cell Phone

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When the man next to her in a café fails to answer his mobile phone, Jean discovers that he is seriously incommunicado. Feeling some responsibility for the stranger and wanting to offer some comfort to the dead man’s family, what can she do but keep answering the phone? But responsibilities taken up lightly can become burdens in time.

A surrealist fantasy. Dancing out of the light-footed imagination of Sarah Ruhl, Dead Man’s Cell Phone traces one woman’s accidental quest to make a few people feel just a little bit better about themselves.

Join us for a Sumner Sundowner – Book tickets to the Sunday 25 July performance of Dead Man’s Cell Phone and stay behind for free with a relaxed glass of wine and informal Q&A with the cast, all from the comfort of a bean bag.

Photography: Earl Carter, Production Photography: Jeff Busby

WARNING: ‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’ contains nudity.

‘Many loved the strange, off-kilter world of Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House and here she is again infusing the everyday with a sense of wonder, a sense that love or plain human goodness can triumph over the cruelty of fate. But I find that beneath the optimism and simplicity there’s always something dark, ineffable and complex in Ruhl’s fables; her glass is only half full because it’s also half empty. MTC Associate Director Peter Evans will orchestrate these alluring elements in a production starring Lisa McCune and John Adam.’

Simon Phillips, Artistic Director

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