All About My Mother

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When her seventeen year-old son dies, Manuela leaves her job and takes to the road to search for her son’s father. In Barcelona, she becomes involved with three women in crisis: a young nun, a famous actress and a drag queen. Yet, will taking care of these women help her overcome her guilt and grief for a lost child?

For all mothers, everywhere. With its nods to Tennessee Williams and All About Eve, Almodóvar’s great exploration of a mother’s strength and life’s frailty has been turned into a superb play.

Originally produced at The Old Vic, London by Daniel Sparrow, Neal Street Productions, The Old Vic Theatre Company, Dede Harris & DRB Productions

Key Photography: Earl Carter, Production Photography: Jeff Busby

‘There’s enough heart, heartbreak, quirky coincidence and unexpected adventure in this play to single-handedly justify our season’s roller coaster metaphor. I think it’s partly because Almodóvar’s great cinematic celebration of maternal love was already steeped in the lore of the theatre that this stage adaptation is so successful. Ex-pat Australian Sam Adamson found his own depths and resonances, creating a play that, in its breadth of feeling and richness of tone, has the hallmarks of a modern stage classic. I’m delighted to be working with the magnificent Wendy Hughes, an icon playing an icon, to be reunited with sensational cabaret diva Paul Capsis, and to be introducing Blake Davis, as the young catalyst for Almodóvar’s ‘screwball drama’.’

Simon Phillips, Artistic Director

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Paul Capsis

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Wendy Hughes

Jolyon James

Jolyon James

Jolyon James is the Artistic Associate at Arena Theatre Company. As a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) Jolyon has spent 20 years working both nationally and internationally as a performer in film, television, theatre and musical theatre. Alongside his acting career, he has developed a significant arts practice and has exhibited across the country. Most recently, through his own company BILLIEJEANISNOTMYLOVER, he was nominated as one of the top 10 emerging Australian photographers and was a finalist in the prestigious National Portrait Prize. Holding a Bachelor of Education, he maintains a strong connection between young people and creativity. He has written and directed numerous works for young adults and is currently producing his own dynamic television series for children.

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