Savage River

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Two lost souls living by the edge of Savage River – now little more than a dam, a mine and a ghost town in Tasmania’s north-west. From a ramshackle hut by the water, Kingsley forages a living with his young son, Tiger. One night Kingsley returns with a stranger, the beguiling Jude, who unwittingly changes their lives overnight. Jude seems happy enough to enjoy Tiger and Kingsley’s attention and let history slip her by … history, though, has a habit of catching up with you.

A co-production with Griffin Theatre Company and Tasmanian Theatre Company

Photography: Pia Johnson and Olivia Martin-McGuire
Web Video: Brian Hughes

Warning: Latecomers will not be admitted to the auditorium until interval.

Ian Bliss

Ian Bliss

Artwork for Travis Cardona

Travis Cardona

Peta Sergeant

Peta Sergeant

Artwork for Peter Evans

Peter Evans

Stephen Curtis

Stephen Curtis

Artwork for Daniel Zika

Daniel Zika

Artwork for

Artwork for Jed Kurzel

Jed Kurzel