The Year of Magical Thinking

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As one of America’s most perceptive novelists and essayists, Joan Didion had often examined suffering with her firm, analytical gaze and her well-developed sense for the cruel ironies of life. Then, within a year, her beloved husband and her only child died, and the suffering she found herself examining in appalled fascination was her own.

Cruel lessons. Based on Joan Didion’s best-selling memoir, The Year of Magical Thinking is a journey from contentment into the dark underworld of grief, anger and bewilderment, and beyond.

A Sydney Theatre Company Production
originally produced by
Scott Rudin, Roger Berlind, Debra Black, Daryl Roth
The Schubert Organisation
Executive Producers
Stuart Thompson, John Barlow

Photography: Earl Carter

Artwork for Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

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Jennifer Flowers

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Alice Babidge

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