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Ray thought he had escaped his past: a change of name, a change of town and a fresh start put distance between his new self and the old self he wishes he could forget. But one day at work, an unhappy young woman, Una, arrives to confront him with her pain and anger and it all comes flooding back. But what does she want? Closure? Justice? Revenge? Or some need she could never allow herself to acknowledge?

A tough-minded play about a tough subject, Blackbird refuses simple moral distinctions of good and evil. It examines the heart, whose reasons are often unclear, turbulent, contradictory and dark.

Warning Message: A contemporary play containing frank discussions about child sexual abuse, which some people may find disturbing. For mature audiences only. Not suitable for children under 16.

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

Artwork for Peter Evans

Peter Evans

Artwork for Ben Grant

Ben Grant

Christina Smith

Christina Smith

Artwork for Georgia Flood

Georgia Flood