The 39 Steps

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Needing to dispel his boredom, Richard Hannay decides on a carefree evening at the theatre. But before the night is over he has a dead blonde in his sitting room and a mystery to solve. What are the 39 Steps? To answer that and to clear his name he must head north to Scotland, foil dastardly foreign agents, elude the police and win over a pretty girl.

To seriously recreate the sweep and thrill of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film requires a large cast, lavish sets and costumes, and every piece of technical wizardry known to theatre. But who said we were serious? To comically recreate The 39 Steps requires just four actors, a few props and plenty of bare-faced cheek.

Warning Message: Please be aware that this production features Non-Tobacco Cigarettes, Strobe Lighting, Atmospherics, Artificial Snow and Gun Shots.

Artwork for Helen Christinson

Helen Christinson

Grant Piro

Grant Piro

Artwork for Marcus Graham

Marcus Graham

Artwork for Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor

Artwork for Maria Aitken

Maria Aitken

Artwork for Peter McKintosh

Peter McKintosh

Artwork for Jon Buswell

Jon Buswell

Artwork for Mic Pool

Mic Pool

Artwork for Toby Sedgwick

Toby Sedgwick