Rock 'n' Roll

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Rock ’n’ Roll takes a double-exposed image of worlds that were once a world apart: Cambridge and Prague, from the political tumult of 1968 to the momentous changes of 1990. In Cambridge, an academic justifies his support for Communism long after everyone has deserted the faith. In Prague, a young man falls into political dissidence as easily as falling in love.

In Rock ’n’ Roll, Tom Stoppard reflects on ideals and freedom: the great ideals you can’t let go; the little freedoms you would die for. But most importantly, it is about rock ’n’ roll, the happiest, most liberated sound on the planet.

Warning Message: A contemporary play containing strong language and adult themes. This production may feature herbal (non-tobacco) cigarettes, stage atmospherics including smoke, haze and strobe lighting. Please be aware that loud music features throughout this production.

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