Holding the Man

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The course of teenage love rarely runs smooth, but it is a white-water adventure if you are a gay boy in an all-male school in 1970s Melbourne with a crush on the captain of the football team. Still, despite the odds, Tim and John become close and for fifteen years their relationship survives everything life throws at it – the separations, the discriminations, the temptations, the jealousies and the losses – until the only problem that love can’t solve turns up to part them.

For many Australians, Tim Conigrave’s best selling memoir about his fi fteen-year relationship with John Caleo captured better than any book of the period what it was like being young and gay during the eighties AIDS crisis. Those who loved the book will fi nd that this adaptation by Tommy Murphy transfers every ounce of honesty, humour and heart-wrenching irony to the stage.

Warning Message: A contemporary play containing strong language, sexual references and adult themes. For mature audiences. Not suitable for children.

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