Learn more about MTC Digital Theatre, our new on-demand streaming platform where you can watch select productions from our stages, at home!

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact us.

About MTC Digital Theatre

What is MTC Digital Theatre?

MTC Digital Theatre is an on-demand streaming platform which allows you to watch select productions from home via our website. Performances are filmed live in front of an audience, and then made available online to purchase individually for a limited season.

Which productions will be streamed?

Visit MTC Digital Theatre page to see what's currently streaming. Additional productions are added regularly.

How do you record the performances?

MTC Digital Theatre productions are recorded with a live audience during the production’s in-theatre season. For our first MTC Digital Theatre productions we will be working with the broadcast team at Arts Centre Melbourne.

Using a number of broadcast-quality cameras throughout the auditorium, the aim of these recordings is to capture the production from an audience’s perspective. The video team work with the production’s creative personnel to deliver a high quality experience that reproduces the live experience in a unique digital way.

The productions are recorded in 4K with 5.1 surround sound.

How will the recording affect my experience in the theatre?

If you are attending a live performance that is being recorded, there will be cameras in the auditorium. We have reserved seats for the camera crew so your sight lines are not disturbed during the performance.

Unless otherwise notified, audience members are not captured during these recordings, but your reactions may be heard.

If you have any questions while attending your performance, please contact us.

How can I stay updated with MTC Digital Theatre?

To receive updates about MTC Digital Theatre via email, sign up to our mailing list and ensure you have selected ‘MTC Digital Theatre’ in your account contact preferences.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates about MTC Digital Theatre and all things Melbourne Theatre Company.

How does it work?

How do I watch a digital performance?

MTC Digital Theatre productions are available on our website for a limited season. You can rent a video on our website using your existing Melbourne Theatre Company login, and this will allow you to watch the production once, anytime during its digital season. After pressing play, you will have 48 hours to finish watching the digital production before it expires and you no longer have access to the video.

During this 48 hours you will be able to watch the video as many times as you like, and can fast forward or rewind to your favourite parts.

Please note, that the video will expire at midnight on the season's end date, so make sure you leave enough time to finish the video before then!

I want to watch the production on my TV. Is that possible?

MTC Digital Theatre connects to third-party devices such as Apple TV’s AirPlay and Google Chromecast so that you can view our productions on your TV at home. Simply connect to your device and click the AirPlay or Chromecast button the video player or in your browser.

You can also connect your device directly to your TV via HDMI cable.

What if I can't see the 'cast' button on the video player?

Because MTC Digital Theatre runs via our website (ie. rather than via a bespoke app, such as Stan, Prime Video and Binge), unfortunately it’s not possible to Chromecast from an iPad or iPhone, unless you use a specific Chromecast app.

You can still use Chromecast for MTC Digital Theatre, however, you just need to login to the website using a browser that supports Chromecast, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The easiest way to do this is to use a laptop or desktop computer, then log into the website via Chrome, which is the recommended browser for Chromecast.

If your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your TV, you should then see the cast button appear on the video, and there will be no difficulty casting the video. Learn more about Google Chromecast.

I live overseas. Can I access MTC Digital Theatre?

Currently MTC Digital Theatre is only available in Australia. We will be exploring options for international distribution and will announce any new developments in the future.

Are there subtitles?

For Berlin, As You Like It and The Heartbreak Choir, English language subtitles are available.

For future performances we are seeking to add further language and description options. If you wish to express interest in having a certain language added, please contact us.

Please note, subtitles are not currently supported when casting via AirPlay. 

Is there an audio description?

For Berlin and As You Like It, audio description tracks are available in English and can be selected within the player settings.

Please note, audio description cannot currently be cast using AirPlay or Chromecast. To watch with audio description on your TV, please connect your device directly to your TV via HDMI cable.

I'm having technical difficulties, what should I do?

If you are having technical difficulties, please email contact us with the below information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A description of the issue (and screenshots if possible!)
  • Details of the browser, device and operating system you are using

For urgent advice, you can call our Box Office during opening hours on (03) 8688 0800.


How do I buy a ticket?

You can rent a video much like purchasing any MTC ticket, using your usual MTC website login and password. Simply visit the digital production's web page, click 'Watch Now' and follow the prompts. Once purchased, you can watch the video within 48 hours from when you first press play or until the season ends, whichever occurs first.

How much does it cost?

Renting an MTC Digital Theatre production currently costs $25.

Can a group of us watch an MTC Digital Theatre production?

We think that theatre is best enjoyed with others, so we recommend you invite other theatre lovers to watch with you. Group Viewings are available to purchase when making your booking.

Group Viewings:

  • Group viewings are available for 5+ people to view the production together, in a single viewing
  • The purchaser of the video will have access to the video from their My MTC account, for 48 hours from when they press PLAY
  • Group viewings are for private use only and should not be offered for commercial sale*
  • Any questions, please contact us at mtcticketing@mtc.com.au
  • For enquiries about Education viewings, please contact schools@mtc.com.au

    *Exceptions may apply for closed community groups, please contact mtcticketing@mtc.com.au for any enquires

I have rented a video but haven't watched the video yet. How can I access the digital production?

Once you have rented a video, you can access the video by either clicking 'login' under the video or by visiting 'My Videos' in your My MTC account.

I purchased an MTC Digital Theatre Pass with my subscription. How do I redeem it?

MTC Digital Theatre Passes can be redeemed online in your My MTC account and they can also be gifted to a friend to redeem. Passes purchased with subscription packages will be available on the account of the Head Booker, or the person who submitted the booking.

To access your pass, simply login to your My MTC account and go to ‘My Digital Passes’. There you will be able to view all available passes and click ‘Redeem’ to browse and select a production to watch. You also have the option to send a pass to a friend, or to another member of your subscription group. To send a pass, you will need to click ‘send’ and then enter an email address.

Can I rent a MTC Digital Theatre video for someone else?

To purchase MTC Digital Theatre as a gift, we recommend purchasing an MTC Digital Theatre Pass. While views of individual productions can only be purchased on your own account, MTC Digital Theatre Passes can be redeemed online in your My MTC account for any production that is currently available, or they can be gifted to a friend to redeem. At the completion of your booking, you will have the option to send the pass to a friend’s email address, from within your My MTC account.

Please note MTC Digital Theatre is currently only available to view in Australia.

School bookings

MTC Digital Theatre productions are available for school groups to stream on-demand, subject to availability. For more information, visit our school bookings page.