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The world of I Wanna Be Yours

Director Tasnim Hossain and actors Eleanor Barkla and Oz Malik introduce the world of I Wanna Be Yours by London writer Zia Ahmed.

By Emily Doyle

Watch this behind-the-scenes video of Melbourne Theatre Company's VCE Theatre Studies playlisted production, I Wanna Be Yours. Learn insights about the story, characters, themes and production design. Scroll to the bottom for learning activities.

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  • Who are the main characters in this play? Identify three facts about each character from what the actors say.
  • Oz Malik mentions challenges faced by British Pakistanis in London. What themes does Oz identify in the play?

Context and themes

  • Director Tasnim Hossain says she responded to the language in the script written by performance poet Zia Ahmed. What does 'lyrical' mean?
  • Discuss Haseeb's line: Home is where people understand you. What clues does this give you about the themes of this play?
  • What parallels do the actors make between this play's British context and our Australian context? What other connections can you make?

Production and set design

  • How is a sense of place being created in the script and in the set design?
  • Director Tasnim Hossain mentions a 'high street in London and a house in Yorkshire' as locations referenced in the design. Research these real-world places and compare and contrast their aesthetic.
  • How is scale being manipulated in the set design?
  • What is the theatre technology Director Tasnim Hossain identifies in the set design?

Summing up

  • How does Eleanor Barkla describe the play at its core?
  • After watching this video, how would you describe the themes in I Wanna Be Yours?


Melbourne Theatre Company acknowledges the support of The Ian Potter Foundation and the Department of Education, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program.


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