Artwork for The Heartbreak Choir in rehearsals
The Heartbreak Choir cast in rehearsals. Photo: Eva Otsing

The Heartbreak Choir in rehearsals

Join The Heartbreak Choir cast and creative team in the rehearsal room and get a sneak peek of this joyous and uplifting celebration of music, friendship and community.

After a two-year delay, the time has come for Aidan Fennessy’s The Heartbreak Choir to light up the stage. We speak to the cast – Maude Davey, Carita Farrer Spencer, Ratidzo Mambo, William McInnes, Emily Milledge, Louise Siversen and Julian Weeks – Director Peter Houghton and Musical Director Vicky Jacobs during rehearsals about what this play means to them and why it will make you want to sing out loud.

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