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Rebecca Lawrence
Costume Design

Costuming Melbourne Talam

Take a look at the costume sketches Andrew Bailey created for each of the characters in Melbourne Talam.

Melbourne Talam Set & Costume Designer Andrew Bailey has given us a glimpse inside his process of turning Rashma N. Kalsie’s script into a vibrant production. Take a look at the costume sketches he has prepared for each of the characters, Jasminder, Poorna and Sonali.


Played by Rohan Mirchandaney, Jasminder is 19 years old and in Australia on a student visa. He comes from the town of Gurdaspur in the state of Punjab, India. Jasminder didn’t have a great future in India, but he is upwardly mobile. He idolises his uncle Sarabjit who owns a big business in London and drives a BMW. He shares a studio apartment with his housemates, Ranbeer, Mohit and Parminder. Jasminder is a Sikh, a follower of the Sikhism religion. He values courage and fearlessness, but he is not hip. Jasminder is finding that the pressures of studying abroad, paying rent and finding work are making life difficult.

Jasminder's costume by Andrew Bailey


Poornachandra (Poorna) is 24 years old and in Australia on a work visa. He comes from the city of Hyderabad in the southern Indian state of Telangana. Poorna has been in Melbourne two months and is working in software development and IT, however he is competing for his job and might be forced to leave Australia. His parents are concerned with social status and keeping up appearances, and they look more favourably on Poorna’s career than his brother’s aspirations in the beauty industry. Poorna is struggling to adjust to life in Melbourne and is homesick for Hyderabad. Poorna is played by Sahil Saluja.

Poorna's costume by Andrew Baileyl


Played by Sonya Suares, Sonali is 29 years old and has been in Australia for two years. She works in retail and loves fashion. Sonali comes from a wealthy family in Delhi, and is desperately trying to maintain a glamorous lifestyle in Melbourne. Sonali is divorced from Vivek, and is fervently chasing a new relationship with Andrew, a customer at the shop where she works. She is full of disdain for other Indians, and passionately believes that Melbourne is the city of her soul. To an extent, Sonali’s family has ostracised her because of the divorce, perceiving her as money-hungry and wanton. Sonali has a penchant for wine, but has few friends in Melbourne.

Sonali's costume by Andrew Baileyl

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