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Photo: Jeff Busby

Vivid White

An inflatable squid puppet

Discover how one surprise character in the 2017 production of Vivid White stole the show – a giant inflatable squid puppet called Güüs.

When Eddie Perfect wrote a giant, singing, killer squid into Vivid White, he didn’t know what to expect onstage.

An all-star, instrument-playing cast was a key component of Eddie Perfect’s pitch-black 2017 musical comedy, Vivid White.

However, there was one surprise character on stage who undoubtedly stole the show – Güüs. A 10-foot tall, blood-thirsty cephalopod puppet determined to end human-kind.

Hear from Eddie Perfect, Director Dean Bryant, Puppet maker Joe Blanck and actor Virginia Gay in this behind-the-scenes look at how Güüs came to life. 

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