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Elements of Theatre Composition

VCE Theatre Studies

VCE Theatre Studies students can use these interactive flashcards to remember and apply the elements of theatre composition.

By Nick Tranter

Practitioners use elements of theatre composition to organise components of a theatre production to create a deliberate effect, realising their aims and intentions and those of the creative production team.

The Study Design for VCE Theatre Studies explains that the elements of theatre composition can be used to give structure to the interpretation or the way it is presented on stage in performance to an audience. These elements can also be used to encourage or lead the audience to engage in the work. They can be applied individually or in combination, in any theatre style, used within any production role and at any stage of the production process.

Click the arrows in these interactive flashcards to recall the definitions, and read examples of each element in MTC productions. 








Remember to always consult VCAA documents when revising for VCE examinations.


CREDITS Macbeth by William Shakespeare (2017). Pictured: Jai Courtney, Guy Talon, Lachlan Woods, Khisraw Jones-Shukoor, Kevin Hofbauer, Robert Menzies, Tom Hobbs, Rodney Afif, Dylan Watson & Geraldine Hakewill; The MTC production of Shakespeare in Love based on the screenplay by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard, adapted for the stage by Lee Hall (2019). Pictured: Claire van der Boom & Michael Wahr; Così by Louis Nowra, a co-production with Sydney Theatre Company (2019). Pictured: Glenn Hazeldine, Robert Menzies, Esther Hannaford, Bessie Holland, Sean Keenan & Katherine Tonkin; A Doll's House, Part 2 by Lucas Hnath (2018). Pictured: Marta Dusseldorp; Torch the Place by Benjamin Law (2020). Pictured: Charles Wu, Michelle Lim Davidson, Diana Lin, Fiona Choi & Max Brown; Storm Boy by Colin Thiele, adapted for the stage by Tom Holloway, a co-production with Queensland Theatre, in association with Dead Puppet Society (2019). Pictured: Ellen Bailey, John Batchelor, Tony Briggs, Conor Lowe, Emily Burton & Drew Wilson.

Published on 23 April 2020

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