Don Hany and Naomi Rukavina. Headshots supplied.
Don Hany and Naomi Rukavina. Headshots supplied.

An excerpt from


by Kylie Trounson

Get an insight into the play development process with an excerpt of a new play, Pandora, by former MTC NEXT STAGE writer-in-residence Kylie Trounson.

Get an insight into the play development process as actors Don Hany (Secret City) and Naomi Rukavina (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) read an excerpt from Kylie Trounson’s new play Pandora. This exciting new work explores the science and ethics behind pursuing the perfect genome. It has been in development via Zoom under the direction of MTC Associate Director Petra Kalive.

A note from MTC Associate Director Petra Kalive:

Kylie Trounson has written a play about the preciousness of life, our obsession with perfection and fundamentally, what it is to be human. For me, one of the best things about being a director, is developing new work and helping that work find its audience. I am often amazed by the confluence of events that lead to a plays ultimate presentation. Even though it might have been in development for a few years, by the time it is ready for an audience, the world is ready for that story. Pandora has evolved in this way. It feels more relevant now, than when I was speaking to Kylie about it months ago. 

What you are about to see is Don Hany and Naomi Rukavina read Act 1 of Pandora. Kylie has shared her latest draft, in a format it was not made for, after two half-days of development. We have decided to stay true to the work as it would be performed on stage. So, while it is filmed via Zoom, we ask you to imagine these characters occupy the same space. Naomi and Don navigate the complexity of delivering a work made for a live-experience, with a skill that is belied by the ease of their performances. I forget that they are reading the script. I hope you enjoy. And please, let us know if you want to know what happens in Act 2 & 3...

Please note: The video below is a reduced excerpt of the originally released Act 1 video. It contains sexual references, frequent coarse language, partial nudity and mature themes.

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Published on 28 October 2020

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