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Meet Nathan Maynard


Twice named Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist of the Year, Nathan Maynard has been awarded a NEXT STAGE commission to work on a new play inspired by the Adam Goodes saga.

Trawlwoolway, Pakana/Palawa man Nathan Maynard is a Green Room Award-winning playwright who writes for both stage and screen. From his internet-free home on the east coast of Lutrawita/Tasmania, he offered us a few insights into his new play for NEXT STAGE as well and his inspirations and how he keeps the act of writing adventurous.

What is your play about?

A local footy team’s season and the Adam Goodes saga are what drives 37. But in the guts of the play is a rude question for Australia.

What inspires your writing?

Other artists. I’m a real artist nerd and spend a lot of my free time watching docos or reading up on other artists. I especially like hearing about their respective artistic journeys and creative processes. 

What motivates me to write is the need for the world to see and hear perspectives from first nation people and poor people about the world, past and current.

Can you tell us about your writing process?

So far I have had a different process for each play I have written. Initially this wasn’t a conscious choice but it is now. I love an adventure and I find this approach keeps the act of writing adventurous. One day I may settle if I find the “secret formula” for my writing, but I’m in no rush to look for it.   

What does having a NEXT STAGE commission mean to you?

A chance. And I plan on taking it by the short and curlies.

NEXT STAGE is made possible with the support of our Playwrights Giving Circle Donors, The Ian Potter Foundation, Naomi Milgrom Foundation, The Myer Foundation, Malcolm Robertson Foundation and The University of Melbourne.

Published on 28 October 2020

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