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A lifelong love of theatre

We spoke to long-time supporter Libby McMeekin about her passion for Melbourne Theatre Company and why this motivated her legacy gift to our future.

When did you first become involved with Melbourne Theatre Company?

It would have been in the mid-1970s at the Russell Street Theatre with my school group. Not long after that I started subscribing with my mother in my early 20s.

My mother used to attend the theatre a lot prior to getting married and having four children. She went to a boarding school and would spend her monthly allowance in the first week going to theatre. And I just thought what a fantastic way to live.

Her love of the theatre rubbed off on me. We subscribed together just the two of us until she retired to live in the country. My sister took over the subscription and from then on we just kept going. At one point I probably had 10 people coming with me. Managing the bookings for 10 was like herding cats.

I don't want to stop coming to the theatre, and it's important to know that it'll still be here in another 70 years at least. We won't all be digital!

It's the magic of sitting there, and it takes you out of yourself. It's absolutely a beautiful thing to watch. Simply immersing yourself for two hours and coming out engaged in something that’s a conversation starter. I want to leave with the effect that the play has had on me in the theatre, and take that feeling home. And that’s what good theatre is about.

What motivates your support of Melbourne Theatre Company?

I became a Donor 20-odd years ago. I had the money and got a letter from Melbourne Theatre Company and I thought, ‘You know what? Yes, I would like to do this.’

People should donate to what is important to your life, as well as helping others, and that’s why Melbourne Theatre Company is one of the organisations I regularly support and have made a bequest to.

I know that it will go to keeping the theatre alive. I just think it's so critical. I've loved it all my life.

I want Melbourne Theatre Company to succeed and have stability which is why I’m pleased that my future contribution will be put into the Endowment Fund. Building the endowment is the way to security. I also want to encourage the young ones coming through. Subscribers like me, who first came when I was a teenager and then continued on from my 20s … that’s something I want other young people to experience.

The best thing about having money is being able to give it away if you can. And that's why people do donate because it does actually make you feel happy. And it's a lovely thing to choose to benefit the state theatre company that I've been involved with for the last 45 years.

That’s the reason why I included a gift in my will. Because I've supported you for so long. It's always been a part of my life and it was important to my mother and my sister.

For more information on becoming part of our Legacy Circle by including a gift in your will, please contact Chris Walters, Annual Giving Manager at or on 03 8688 0938.

Published on 20 March 2023

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