Do you remember your first time at the theatre?

There’s nothing quite like the experience of live theatre! For young people these experiences can be life-changing. Theatre entertains, challenges and provokes possibility and, in the young, often results in greater creativity, imagination and exploration of life through art – skills that are vital in a rapidly changing world.

You can help provide access for young people to the best and most relevant theatre imaginable with a donation to MTC’s Education program.

MTC Education enhances the theatre experience for students, maps career pathways in the performing arts and builds MTC’s current and future audiences. Each year through our touring education production, subsidised tickets, teacher resources and award winning programs ,young people are brought together to explore and question the world around them in a creative, enriching and safe environment.

These vital programs seek to create affordable and meaningful access to theatre for all young people regardless of cultural, financial or geographical circumstances – and they could not exist without the generous support of our Donors.

Your tax deductible gift to MTC Education will help develop the next generation of theatre-makers and create rewarding theatre experiences that inspire a lifelong love of the performing arts.

Donate to MTC Education

Thank you for considering a donation to MTC Education this festive season. Your generosity will help enrich the creative lives of thousands of young people across the state and ensure that every generation has access to the best and most relevant theatre imaginable.

For more information on supporting MTC Education and becoming part of the MTC Education Giving Circle contact Chris Walters, Annual Giving Manager on 03 8688 0938 or

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