The Education program at MTC is an essential part of our annual activities. On and off stage, MTC delivers transformative experiences that delight, educate and challenge young people.

Our Education program relies on the generous support of MTC donors. In 2014, for the first time ever, MTC toured an Education production, Yellow Moon, to regional schools in Victoria. This tour was made possible by the passion and generosity of a very special donor, who has asked to remain anonymous.

Directed by MTC Associate Director Leticia Cáceres, Yellow Moon is a powerful, captivating journey of self-discovery written for students in Year 10 and above, in which four actors play on a traverse bare stage as the story flows from narration to poetry, from imagination to reality, from brutality to hope.

Prior to going on the road, Yellow Moon was presented in the Lawler to over 2000 students, receiving universal praise. Post-show comments reveal how deeply audiences connected with the show:

True to form, the latest production in the MTC’s educational program, Yellow Moon provides great stimulus for academic analysis while also providing quality entertainment for a wider audience

…an engaging and thought-provoking play.


Yellow Moon is a simple yet elegant piece, packing a message with a powerful punch, well worth experiencing.

Australian Stage

Yellow Moon is a play that will stay with you for years after you’ve watched it. It will make you question its meaning over and over and make you ponder your teenage years. The themes of trust, loyalty, friendship, self-esteem and choice could not be represented any more perfectly.

EL, Year 10 student, Brunswick Secondary College

As soon as the Lawler season finished, the cast and crew packed their bags and hit the road for an unforgettable regional Victorian tour. From Ballarat to Wangaratta the Yellow Moon tour:

  • Visited 9 locations with a total of 23 schools attending;
  • Engaged approximately 566 students; and
  • Travelled approximately 2488 km across the State.

This first-ever MTC schools tour proved to be an inspiring experience for performers as well as audiences. During the Q&A session that followed each show, it was clear that the performance resonated with students and teachers:

  • Teachers pointed out that most of the students hadn’t seen much, if any, live theatre before.
  • “We spoke with a year 12 student who had been expelled from four schools before he found drama. Since then he has completely turned his life around and owes it all to finding his passion for the theatre. His most ardent wish is to someday be an actor at MTC.” – Yellow Moon Stage Manager

On behalf of the actors, crew, staff and students who attended Yellow Moon, thank you to all donors who support the MTC Foundation and empower us to bring the hope, joy and inspiration of excellent theatre performance to young people across Victoria.

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