Belonging to the World

Complexity of Belonging has hit theatres in Europe, on a whirlwind tour that is seeing it receive glowing reviews and international acclaim as it journeys across the continent.

A co-commission and co-production between MTC, Chunky Move, Melbourne Festival and Brisbane Festival, Complexity of Belonging’s genius came from the combination of artistic stylings of German writer and director Falk Richter, and Chunky Move’s indomitable Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk. With its world premiere in MTC’s Southbank Theatre in October last year, this brand new work with its breathtaking, intensely physical examination of identity and belonging in the age of social media, is now receiving standing ovations in Paris, Berlin and Utrecht.

Our correspondent on the ground was MTC’s Artistic Director Brett Sheehy, who attended the opening night performance at the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, and tweeted this enviable view:

The overseas response to Complexity has been astounding. ‘It’s an absolute must see,’ wrote Dans Magazine. Theaterkrant, in a five-star review, wrote, ‘Van Dijk and Richter again surpass themselves. Complexity of Belonging shows a hyper-globalized world, in which a generation of young people look for themselves and a real connection. What a pity the production has only one season in the Netherlands.’

Volksrant Magazine, Männer Magazine Berlin and DANSER Magazine Paris also spoke highly of the multitalented cast, and the originality and insight of the directorial team.

Here at MTC, we are very proud to see such an original new work receive such a glowing international reception, and we thank our generous Donors who, though their commitment and their passion for artistic innovation, have helped MTC embrace the opportunity to create such a distinct piece of theatre.

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