Melbourne Theatre Company is committed to creating premium quality productions with innovate, detailed stagecraft elements and your generosity allows us to produce the finest shows imaginable and bring epic theatrical possibilities to life.

We are proud to share the below twelve facts about the final show of our 2018 Season, Twelfth Night and celebrate the figures behind Simon Phillips’s extraordinary vision:

  1. There are over 25 costumes worn in the production.

  2. On average, each costume took 80 hours to make depending on the complexity.

  3. Eight costume makers worked on the main costumes and a number of others on shoes, boots and accessories.

  4. Materials were sourced from the United States of America, England, Germany, Japan and Australia.

  5. 12 wigs are worn throughout the show.

  6. There are six automation traps and lifts with two separate automation control systems and seven cameras observing all the automations run by one operator and a number of spotters.

  7. Malvolio’s cage is lifted by the in-house fly system.

  8. The scenic back cloth was painted in Sydney and all other scenic elements were painted in-house in Melbourne by our Scenic Department.

  9. The side light booms are 7.5 metres high.

  10. The production uses in excess of 405 lights and 40 metres of LED strip lights as well as three atomic strobes.

  11. There are three hazers and smoke machines.

  12. All music featured in the show was originally composed by Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall, with musical direction and additional composition by Ian McDonald.

Colin Hay, Caleb Alloway, Roderick Cairns and Alec Steedman recorded an original song from the production by Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall, which can be heard here.

Thank you for your contribution in allowing us to achieve these great theatrical feats. We look forward to more unique and intricate productions in our 2019 Season thanks to your support.

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