Melbourne Talam

20 May 2017

Event Passed

Three young people see each other across a crowded Flagstaff station. They just missed the train. Now they wait. And think. They think about home: Punjab, Delhi, Hyderabad. And about how they just can’t seem to get Melbourne’s rhythm right. And of all the impossible things they must do to stay. And their time is running out.

Developed through MTC CONNECT, and the NEON and Cybec Electric play development programs, this vibrant production will put our city’s contemporary social issues at centre stage.

Artwork for Rohan Mirchandaney

Rohan Mirchandaney


Artwork for Sahil Saluja

Sahil Saluja


Artwork for Sonya Suares

Sonya Suares


Artwork for Petra Kalive

Petra Kalive


Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey

Artwork for Rachel Burke

Rachel Burke

Lighting Designer

Artwork for Darius Kedros

Darius Kedros

Composer & Sound Designer

Artwork for Rashma N. Kalsie

Rashma N. Kalsie